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LGBTQ+ 101

An Introduction to Definitions and Concepts

LGBTQ+ Definitions, Continued
  • Intersex refers to a medical condition where, in part, one's genitalia and reproductive system may not clearly fit standard definitions of male and/or female.

  • Asexual describes a person who lacks sexual attraction to others.

  • Two-Spirit is an Native American/American Indian term used by some, but not all tribes, for persons who have both male and female characteristics and have a social role within their tribe. Sometimes they are seen as a third gender and wear clothing worn by both men and women.

  • Same Gender Loving is a term that derives from the African-American community describing those who identify as homosexual (gay, lesbian) or bisexual. It’s used instead of gay, lesbian or bisexual as these terms tend to have automatic negative connotations.

  • MSM are men who engage in the behavior of homosexuality, but do not identify as gay or bisexual.

  • Pansexual is a person who is fluid in their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Therefore, one is attracted to and possibly romantically involved with someone regardless of the other person’s gender identity or sexual orientation.

  • The plus sign is used at times to encompass other letters, or identities, not otherwise spelled out. For example, LGBTQ+, to include Intersex, Asexual, 2-spirit; etc, without typing or saying it all.


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